Entrigue Magazine August 2017

Muotoilla Magazine March 2017

Solis Magazine Feburary 2017

TopCatLive Magazine July 2015

Entrigue Magazine June 2015


Fashion @ The Mansion 2017 

Outlandish Fashion Show 2016

Luminous Fashion Show 2015

Morgan State Universities:

I.M.E Agency Spring Show 2016

I.M.E Agency Spring Show 2015

I.M.E Agency Spring Show 2014

Fashion At Morgan Spring Show 2013

Baltimore Fashion Weeks Under 2013

Fashion Awards MD May Day Show 2013

University of Baltimore Charity Show 2013

RAW Artist DC Hair Show 2013

RAW Artist Pittsburgh Designer Show 2013

Create The Beautiful Grand Opening Show 2013



Vaccinated                                   Lead                               Blu Productions

Who's Afraid                                Lead                              Curb Squad Productions

Untitled Short Film                    Lead                               B1 Production

Young and Reckless                    Lead                              Roll The Dice LLC

Sundown                                      Supporting                   Mya Montgomery Productions

The Art of Shade                         Supporting                   LJR Productions


New Media

KIATWT                                      Recurring                     Love Box Collection LLC

Harlotts Webb                            Series Regular             Kevin Gardner Productions

Open Cages                                Recurring                     HoneyLav Productions

Internal Affaira                          Recurring                    Spotlight Productions

This Ninja                                   Series Regular            Bearded One Productions

Bettermore                                 Series Regular            Indigenous Minds Incorporated

Angel In Disguise                      Co-Star                        Indigenous Minds Incorporated

Social Theory Season 3             Series Regular             Black Amour TV

Social Theory Season 2             Recurring                     Black Amour TV

Music Videos

“Summa Time Again” by Pierre Sawyers (2016) 

“Crown” by Jay Verze Ft. Ricky Jacobs (2014)

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